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(Source: MangaHelpers.)

Ninja ID: 010252
Age: 30
Birthday: 1st January (Capricorn)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Passionate, moved to tears easily
Favourite food: Really hot curry rice, curry udon
Least favourite food: Loves them all!
Wants to fight: Kakashi!
Favourite phrase: "Burn with the flame of YOUTH!"
Hobby: *see notes below*

Graduated the Academy at 7
Became a Chuunin at 11

Missions completed:
D-Rank: 86
C-Rank: 270
B-Rank: 210
A-Rank: 199
S-Rank: 23

With hot-blooded zeal pulsing through his veins, his fists are like swallows taking flight!

- He dodges like a flash, then wields his body like a weapon to smash against his opponent!
- A master of hand-to-hand combat, Gai is also highly proficient with weapons. But he prefers to use bladeless weapons.
- Gai looks nowhere but forwards. Since he never looks back, maybe his memory's been slightly affected...

A body tempered like steel, and taijutsu that can shatter boulders... But neither of those are the true source of Gai's strength. Rather, it is his constant eye forward, his unending desire to work to reach new heights. This is what made him a taijutsu user able to stand toe to toe with an Akatsuki member. Gai focuses everything on improving himself, and will willingly put his life on the line. Gai's way of life has been passed on to his students, who don't just think of their own needs, but of the needs of their entire team. Becoming highly proficient on their own, then using teamwork to reach even greater heights... Gai's teachings of the vigour of youth now show brilliant results!

Gai's primary hobby is a thing that in Japanese is called 反復横飛び (hanpuku yoko-tobi), or repeated side-stepping. You have three lines marked on the floor, and you basically sidestep quickly back and forth across all three lines. It's mostly endurance training, as you have to keep going for a set period of time, while focusing on doing it right.

An applied variation of the training is to do it while moving forwards. This is often done with a rope-ladder laid across the floor, and you have to sidestep in and out of each rung, while moving forward along the rungs.
This is part of a style of training called SAQ, or speed-agility-quickness training, and is often used with runners, hurdle-jumpers or competitive martial artists, to increase speed and stamina while maintaining agility and precision of movement.

You can see the first style of training in the last two pictures here:
The second style looks like this:

Gai also likes hitting mitts.


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